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Historic Gift Given to Bishop Ward Endowment Fund

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Historic Gift Given to the Bishop Ward Endowment Fund

Jim and Zibbie Ferrell, special friends and benefactors of Bishop Ward, formally announce that they are giving a $1,000,000 gift to support the mission and vision of Bishop Ward High School.  The gift is designated for the Bishop Ward Endowment Fund.

When asked to discuss the inspiration for this magnificent gift, Mr. Ferrell remarked that the gift from the Ferrell Family is an investment in both “education and values.”

Speaking for the Ferrell family, he stated that God has given every student a talent.  He is proud to help others achieve all they can in life; it is a priority of the Ferrell’s.  He finished by stating that Archbishop Joseph Naumann is courageous in his support of Bishop Ward and doing what is necessary to make it successful.

At Evening Prayer, Archbishop Naumann remarked that he is so proud of the young people at Bishop Ward. He thanked the Ferrell’s for their leadership role and for inviting others to help.

Father Michael Hermes said, “We are so grateful to the Ferrell Family for their generosity to our school.  Their support inspires all of us to continue to work hard to do our best offering a quality Catholic-Christian formation program and a college-prep education.”

Hundreds of young people at Bishop Ward have already benefited by the Ferrell’s desire to help, to serve and to love.  Thanks to their generosity, many more students will benefit in the years to come.

Bishop Ward Baseball Program Wins Prestigious MLB Grant

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The Bishop Ward High School baseball program is the winner of 12 state championships in Kansas. Now, they’re getting some special recognition from Major League Baseball.

The Kansas City, Kansas school is one of five in the nation to get an MLB grant to pay for upgrades to its baseball stadium. Less than 400 students are on the roster at Bishop Ward. That didn’t stop people in KCK from donating $66,000 for baseball stadium improvements.

That support helped convince Major League Baseball to jump in with a $53,000 grant. The Royals also donated $5,000 in addition to the MLB’s Tomorrow Fund. Everyone who donated recognizes that baseball has been an important part of the community.

“The program has been the cornerstone of our athletic department over the last decade and a half,” said Greg Duggins. “We’ve won a lot of baseball games on this field, and with it being restored, it renews the spirit of baseball here at Ward.”

Seven out of the last nine Kansas 4A baseball championships have been won on the baseball diamond at Ward. In addition to new dugouts, new fencing and seating, the grans and donations will pay for an irrigation system to keep the grass green.

Coach Dennis Hurla says the small school’s success is built on teamwork that focuses on the fundamentals in all aspects of life.

“When you’re a small catholic high school, anytime you can get a grant like that, it’s huge for us!” said Coach Hurla. “We’re looking to use it to continue what we’ve been doing, we’ve got a good strong program we think that will help with what we’ve already established.”

On a diamond where baseball greats like Satchel Paige once played, current players say they appreciate an investment that will allow future generations to be part of Bishop Ward’s tradition of excellence.

“I think people will see, oh, this school has great facilities, they’ll want to come here,” said Austin Kochsmeie. “They will want to play.”

What was once a field of dreams is now becoming a reality and source of pride for the urban center of KCK.

MLB will bring its All-Star game to Kansas City in the summer of 2012. Coach Hurla says Bishop Ward should have one of the nicer high school stadiums in the metro when the game’s best come to town.

The New Cyclone Cafe at Bishop Ward!

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Cyclone Café Opens to Enthusiastic Crowd
Monday was the first full day of school and with it came the grand opening of the newly renovated Cyclone Café!

Audible gasps and excited declarations of approval filled the air as students heaped delicious portions of sauteéd green beans and baked chicken fingers upon their plates at lunchtime.

“It looks like a hotel!” Sophomore Christina Tyrell exclaimed as she surveyed the warm glow of the Tiffany-inspired light fixtures.

“It’s really nice!” agreed Junior Annel Perez as she helped herself to some salad. “I really want to eat!”


The updated Café now allows students to move briskly through three different food stations where they can choose delicious and nutricious options at breakfast and lunch. Studies show that a healthy, balanced diet is conducive to better learning. The Cyclone Café is one way Bishop Ward is educating students on how to make good choices at mealtimes.


“We are really excited about the grand opening of the Cyclone Café,” said President Fr. Michael Hermes. “The Cyclone Café compliments the high quality food being served for breakfast and lunch each day. We are grateful to all of our donors who made this renovation possible.”


The renovation of the Cyclone Café was the 2010 Auction Fund-A-Need. Many thanks to all of our generous donors who created such a beautiful space for our students and the whole Bishop Ward community!

We could not be more proud to be a part of this wonderful school.  Bishop Ward Rocks!  – BK


Bishop Ward – It’s what’s for lunch!

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Our latest installment of the delicious food that Chef Shad and Ali  put out for their customers at Bishop Ward. 

  • Fresh Fruit Salads
  • Homemade cookies
  • Pipping hot, freshly made Sausage Pizza (Rivals any Pizza you can order I gahr-wun-tee-it)
  • Veggie Trays with fresh made dip
  • Corn Bread Muffins
  • Nachos
  • Roasted Veggies

Hungry yet?  No?  Well then enjoy the pictures and you will be!  I’m still wanting to know where this was when I was in school, besides at a restaraunt?!

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And then there’s this!  Us vs. Them.  At Bistro kids, we arm our Chefs to feed our “customers” delicious, healthy  and locally prepared food.  Not fruit from a can……………..that just isn’t “peachy” in our books!

Bistro kids Hamburger Day - Everything is Fresh and prepared that day, by hand.




The Competition - At least the Milk looks good, but not sure what the Ketchup is covering and that's probably a good thing!

Bishop Ward serving up the hits!

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Bishop Ward, Chef Shad and Ali are at it again.  Serving up once again some of the best food this side of that side.  Spaghetti, Turkey Wraps, and an Easter Buffet that is out of this world.  I could go on and on, but I’ll just let you enjoy the pictures!  If you don’t have Bistro kids in your school, give Chef K a call at 913. 710.5171 and talk to her about how your school can make a change for the better.  And then you can have Bunny Finger Sandwiches too!

Bishop Ward, serving delicious food to great “customers”!

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Pizza, Fresh Spinach Salad, Three Melon Salad, Tropical Fruit Salad, Chipotle Chicken Wraps.   Bet you are wondering what restaraunt you can visit to order this food?  You can’t, because this delicious assortment and many more foods are served daily throughout the Bistro kids schools.    No boxed up, heat up before serving….ANYTHING.   Our food is made from scratch, that day, with care, by our Chefs who love what they do and care about what they serve to the students.

Below is just a sample of what we serve at Bishop Ward.  Great job Chef Shad and Ali.  You make food fun! 

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Bishop Ward Lunch

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Here’s a few pictures from the week that was at Bishop Ward High School.  Pizza, Turkey Wraps, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Salads,  Salsa……and do you know what so cool about this?  It’s all freshly made from scratch.  No pre-packaged chicken thingys that look like characters from Toy Story.  No way, no how.  Our foods are prepared by Chefs that care about what your children eat.  That’s how we roll, which speaking of rolls, we make those fresh too. 

Bishop Ward Pictures

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  With such food like Asian Chicken Salad, Burritos, Chicken and Noodles, Fresh Fruits & Veggies, all made from scratch, one would think the restaurant would be busy prepping for the day.  But it’s not a restaurant, it’s Chef Shad and Allie at Bishop Ward High School, preparing fresh, delicious, locally sourced food for lunch at school. We love cooking and it shows each day in what we present to our customers.  Plus the interaction that we have with them and the feedback that they provide, leads us to find ways to present new ideas to our students.  Happy students, happy learning.  It’s something we believe in!

Meet Ali Kellerstrass – The New LPC at Bishop Ward

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Ali Kellerstrass

Greetings!  I have been with Bistro Kids since Spring 2010 and it was on my journey to health that I came across them.  I used to be ***lbs. overweight and decided I had to change my ways if I wanted to live a long and healthy life.  On my journey, I started researching the importance of organic vs. conventional.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to be a part of the solution and not the problem.  In effort to reach optimal health I decided to go raw, and now eat mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  I never realized that the food choices I was making while obese, correlated with my deteriorating health.  I now have a new respect for the food that I eat and greater energy to boot!  I was so excited to see that Bistro Kids has a great program teaching our children how to choose and prepare delicious, healthy, and local when possible meals.  I’m very grateful and satisfied to be a part of a solution in action, and believe that change is possible and can be done!

Meet our latest addition: Chef Shad Schmutz

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Chef Shad

Chef Shad Schmutz has an extensive culinary background with over 15 years in the restaurant and catering business. Most recently, Chef Shad was the Sous Chef for Classic Catering where he created upscale fare for large corporate and social events. His culinary background is primarily in American Grill with strong Italian influences, but he is well versed in a variety of other cuisines as well.


“While working in restaurants across the Midwest, I fell in love with the bounty of ingredients that are grown right here in our back yards,” said Chef Shad. “I grow my own vegetables and herbs at home, and believe strongly in using locally grown ingredients whenever possible. As the father of two boys, I care about the quality of food served in our schools, and the impact it has on the health of all of our children. With obesity reaching epidemic proportions among children, teaching kids to make healthy food choices is very important. Not only can it impact their focus and ability to learn in school, it can shape their eating habits throughout the rest of their life. Teaching kids that healthy food can also be delicious is a critical first step to a life time of healthy eating.”

Chef Shad will be working at Bishop Ward, so if you see him around the halls or the cafeteria, be sure and say hi!


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