Cookin with the “Hawks”

You have to check this out.  Our friends over at have created “sendables greetings” that is fun for the whole family.  All you have to do is create an account that is totally free and you can create a card starring “YOU!”, and of course your family.  Click the like below to get an idea of how it works. 

In this video is Chef “K”, Jammin Jayhawk and a certain someone that will remain anonymous.  The three of them are Cookin up a Jayhwak win!  Now for you Wildcat, Husker, Tiger or any other fans out there… can create the same thing.  But you will have to get your own headcover.  It’s guarantee’d to make anyone you send it to laugh and smile….and that’s the whole point right?

4x8kTZu0OSki7BjD  – Click here…well not here….over there….to the left.


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