Two Chefs and a Radio Station

A couple of weeks ago Chef K and Chef Jasper got together for Jaspers radio show LIVE! From Jaspers Kitchen, except this time it should have been titled LIVE! From Jaspers radio station.  I (yours truly “Blogger Phil”) made the trek from the home office to the radio station to capture the hour for the sake of history and as usual Jasper was his gracious self, bringing in some fresh King Crab from the Bering Sea in Alaska.  (By the way you can pick up that wonderful crab at your local Hen House)  Plus he made an awesome Fondue which I have to say was fantastic.  Chef K absolutely loved the fondue, which she decided was going to be hers and hers only.  Who was I to argue…..forks to hands hurt!    They interviewed a gentleman from a company called, as well as Joe DiGiovanni, who is the co-owner of a new restaurant called Zest located at Mission Farms.  Joe’s new restaurant is a unique dining experience and  is as he calls it “comfort food with a twist.”  Be sure and vist Zest and give it a try.  Or you can visit their site at

Of course Chef K shared a couple of Bistro Kids recipes.  One which is posted on the blog now under the title YUMMY!  It’s the creamiest and easiest pudding and one you and your family will love. 

Here’s some pics from the show at the studio’s of KCMO 710am.


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