They Need Your Vote

Chef K received an email today letting her know  that our friends over at Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day School were chosen one of the Top 5 videos of a contest sponsored by The National Farm to School Network.   We are excited for everyone involved with this project and want to see them win but they need Bistro Kids help, so please take a few minutes to read the email below and follow the link  to go and see their video…………….AND VOTE!  IT’S FOOD WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

Pat Holmes writes:

Great News!

The Fontbonne University students that are working with me this sememster prepared a video on “Farm to School/Real Food”.  If they win, MICDS will receive $1,000 that we will put toward our seed and garden program,  Their video has been chosen in the top five.

We need your help!  Please vote on the Farm to School website.  We entered under the “College” section as it was designated as a college project.  There will be 1 winner from K-12 and 1 from College.

Note the name of our Video:


Thanks for your help!

Pat Holmes, R.D.
Mary Institute & St. Louis Country Day School
Director of Food Services

Congratulations to MICDS and the students from Fontbonne University who helped in creating this project.  We are so excited you made the top five.  Now on to the winners circle!!!!!


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