Our Newest School Plaza de Niños


Plaza de Niños is excited to present

a NEW lunch program opportunity

Fine dining fun Fridays!

 In collaboration with Head Start, The Family Conservancy, Francis Child Development Institute, Guadalupe Centers, Inc. GOOD NATURED FAMILY FARMS, AND BALLS FOOD STORES, Fine Dining Fun Fridays works to improve the health of students through the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, free range meats, and hormone and antibiotic free dairy products. 

Bistro kids mission is to provide HANDS ON COOKING CLASSES, TO INSTILL NUTRITION EDUCATION, AND TO PROVIDE KID Friendly meals that are healthy, seasonal, delicious, and whenever possible, locally sourced.  Together we can help raise a new generation of healthier and better educated students. Look for what your child has experienced each week in their new yellow bags and we hope you’ll join us for lunch! 

 farm 2 school FINE DINING FUN FRIDAY lunch program highlights:

removal of all processed foods

fresh foods made from scratch


on site visits from local farmers and food producers

hands on cooking classes

school garden and more!

 We are very excited to be a part of this endevour, and look forward to a healthy food relationship with everyone at Plaza de Niños


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