More can be done

I recently read an article in the Columbia Daily Tribune that was titled “Schools to provide locally grown eats!”  Obviously this perked my ears and I was thrilled that I was going to read about a school district making changes to the students school lunches.  That is, until I read the article.  There is nothing promising about this particular school district making changes to the students “eats”.  Hamburgers and Pizzas will still be served (more than likely still processed) and the plan is to replace some, and I repeat only some processed foods and canned ingredients with locally grown food.  Sound good?  Absolutely.  But with anything, there’s the catch.  And here’s the one they have…………”The program will likely buy farmers’ seconds, which are less -appealing looking but still fine for cooking.”    This is how the school district will get to the “20 percent of the food served in the district from local farmers within the next three years,” by serving farmers seconds?   Bistro Kids believes that the students deserve farmers “firsts”! 

While I think this is a start for the district, it’s not enough and parents should  encourage the district  to server farmers’s first choice food for their children, instead of  seconds.  If the district is serious about doing this, they should and can find a way to better serve the children of the district. 

More and more this sounds like someone telling me they are thinking of turning their Hummer into an eco-friendly truck.  We all know that is a great idea but impossible to do.   

Bistro Kids believes that  20% of the food locally sourced is simply not enough either.  More can be done and should be!


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