Bistro kids Newest addition!

It’s a…………………New Culinary Class Instructor for Kansas City.  I’d pass out bubble gum cigars but I chewed them all on my drive back from Clearwater Fl. to our home office in Estero Florida.  Okay it’s not the home office but it’s where I’m at and it’s home and an office so……okay anyway….


We are thrilled to have Mark on our team and look forward to what he will bring to our company and our Kansas City Customers.  Here’s Mark’s Bio in his own words:

“I have had a passion for food since I can remember.  Both of my parents loved to cook dinner for the family, and I began helping at a very young age.  By the time I was 10 years old, my parents were letting me take turns with them cooking dinner.  I attended Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina to get professional training and graduated second in my class of over 500 students with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts.  I have extensive background in Low Country cuisines of the Southern United States as well as Southwestern fare and Meditterranean foods from Spain, France, Italy and Morocco.  I was a Culinary class instructor at Williams-Sonoma for over five years and have done private classes, caterings, and wine tastings at people’s homes for the past 10 years for groups of all sizes.  Today, I enjoy cooking at home with my two daughters, Isabelle, seven years old, and Evelyn, 5 years old.  We focus on fun, yummy food that is healthy and full of energy for our busy lives.  I am very excited to be a member of Bistro Kids and to help teach other children about the wonderful world of food and the benefits of eating well balanced meals.”

Mark Zukaitis Jr.

Welcome to the staff Mark.  We are happy to have you here! 



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