KCA students preparing for the Cooking up Change Contest

Our “customers” at KCA are preparing to enter a contest, that I mentioned on here a couple of days ago in a previous post titled  “Cooking up Change”.  Pictured with Chef Mark are from left to right:  Sydney, John and Nam

The dish they are preparing will be:
Biston Fajitas
Sautee’d green beans
Sweet Potatoes
tossed in a cumin honey glaze with a brown rice taboleh salad

Way to go!  We are proud of you for entering and know that no matter what happens,  you all are winners in our book!  But since you are entering…..you might as well just try and win it right?!!!!

To learn more, enter the contest or help spread the word, visit www.cookingupchange.org/welcome.php

2 Responses to “KCA students preparing for the Cooking up Change Contest”

  1. Carol Peterson Says:

    Go and wow them. Enjoy meeting new people. Are we supposed to say “Break a Leg”? Or “Break a skillet”? Whatever, good luck and have a great time!

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