Great night of “Healthy TV” Wednesday May 5th beginning at 7pm CST.

“Taking Stock: Perspectives on Food Production in Kansas”, a locally produced community affairs program by KTWU-TV (PBS), will follow the broadcast of “Food, Inc.” on the P.O.V. national television series on Wednesday, May 5, 2010. Programming begins with P.O.V. at 7 p.m., then “Taking Stock” airs at approximately 9 p.m. The program is scheduled to be shown on all Kansas public television stations.
Check out the “Taking Stock” promo:

The national film on the P.O.V. series, “Food, Inc.,” makes the assertion that we may not know what we are eating. American agriculture has in many respects been the envy of the world. U.S. agriculture consistently produces more food on less land and at cheaper cost than the farmers of any other nation. What could possibly be wrong with that? “Food, Inc.” takes the position that a highly mechanized and centralized food production system creates many unnatural problems: sick animals, environmental degradation, tainted and unhealthy food and obesity.
After the broadcast, KTWU will present an informed panel of Kansas agriculture leaders, listen to their reactions to the film “Food, Inc.”, and present an opportunity for diverse perspectives to be explored. This strong cross section of qualified agricultural professionals will include the Secretary of Agriculture for the state of Kansas – Josh Svaty; the president of the Kansas Farm Bureau – Steve Baccus; the director of the Kansas Rural Center – Dan Nagengast; the president of the Kansas Livestock Association – Mark Smith; the coordinator of a cooperative called “Good Natured Family Farms” – Diana Endicott; and former Kansas governor, John Carlin, a visiting professor in the political science department at K-State.  The program is hosted by Kelly Lenz, Kansas Agriculture Network Farm Director, AM 580 WIBW radio.


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