Dana Davenport’s TREK for TRANSFORMATION

As the Kansas City Academy middle-high school PE Instructor, and Fitness Trainer, Dana is kicking off the
new PE Studio funding drive by setting an example of the rewarding journey of fitness he tries to instill in each student. 

June 2010 Dana will climb to over 15,000 feet on his journey to Mt. Machu Picchu in Peru . His ultimate goal?  To raise awareness and funds for the transformation of the Kansas City Academy PE Room. 

The end result will be a modern PE Studio, the perfect environment to encourage, empower and address health
and self-esteem of pre-teen and teenage students. The new individualized PE curriculum will teach students
personal responsibility for their health, short and long term goal setting, daily lifestyle impact, and self-paced
fitness alternatives (yoga, pilates, resistance work, etc). The program is expected to form positive life long habits, increase self-esteem, enhance readiness for learning, teach stress management, increase achievement, and create a foundation for each student’s healthy future.
Let’s all do what we can to support Dana’s drive and effort for the students. The students, our future leaders of tomorrow,deserve a positive and healthy foundation for their future.
VISIT www.kcacademy.org for more information or to donate to Dana’s cause.
The students of Kansas City Academy appreciate your support.


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