A mother’s concern.

     We were sent this series of emails between Melissa ( a mother of two), concerned about what type of milk her children were drinking, and Terry Landes, the Marketing and Public Relations Director for Prairieland Dairy in Frith, Nebraska, who supplies Good Natured Family Farms with the milk that we  (Bistro Kids )buy from GNFF and supply to the “customers” in our schools.  

  It’s a reminder to us of why we use these products and focus on healthy, organic and locally sourced products from companies that care!


Hello!   I am hoping you can help me out with a question about the Good Natured milk.  Our pediatrician recommended we buy organic milk in order to avoid hormones for our 1 year old daughter.   He is concerned “regular” milk is causing her to have breast swelling from hormones.  I know every brand swears they aren’t giving the cows r-Bst, but I still have concerns.  I have started buying organic milk and last night a friend told me about your products.  Is all of your milk “hormone free”?

Thank you,

On Thursday, June 24th, Terry Landes II wrote:


     Diana sent me your question.  First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Terry Landes, the Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Prairieland Dairy in Firth, Nebraska.  Prairieland Dairy is the sole provider of milk for Good Natured Family Farms.  Your questions AND your pediatrician concerns are terrific.  Here’s your answer: 

     Every drop of the milk from Good Natured Family Farm comes from one farm, Prairieland Dairy in Firth, Nebraska, and we DO NOT USE r-BST.  We milk the cows and bottle the milk.  The milk NEVER LEAVES OUR CONTROL FROM COW TO BOTTLE.  To be completely transparent, we, at one time, used r-BST.  However, several years ago we recognized the perception the public had regarding the use of artificial growth hormones, thus we stopped using it.

       Perhaps the reason your Pediatrician recommends organic milk is because the standards for organic require the farmer not use r-BST.  I can tell you, without hesitation and with a 100% guarantee that Good Natured Family Farm milk is completely free from any artificial growth hormone.  How do we know?  Again, because every drop of the milk comes from our dairy in Firth, Nebraska.  Unlike, large milk bottlers, we do not mix milk from several farms.

     Moveover, we encourage anyone with questions about how our cows are treated or the use of artificial hormones to visit our farm.  We encourage and welcome your questions.  We too are fathers and mothers of small children.  We, like you, depend upon milk which is free from artificial growth hormones.  In short, no one takes the responsibility of providing an all-natural product to families more seriously than we do, because we are one of you, a mom (dad) who is concerned about what food we feed our children.

     Please feel free to contact me (see contact info in the salutation) directly if you or your pedaitrician have any questions about Good Natured Family Farm Milk.


Terry L. Landes II
Marketing & Public Relations Manager
Prairieland Dairy, LLC
13000 Pella Road
Firth, Nebraska 68358
(402) 968-8360


From: Melissa 
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 12:54 AM
To: tlandes@prairielanddairy.com
Cc: Diana Endicott; Dan Rice
Subject: Re: (Fwd) Milk question


I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the infromation and for the quality milk.  As I said previously, my 1 year old had breast swelling at her last check up and it was suggested to us that we buy organic milk.  One of my friends told me about your milk and to check it out at Hen House or Price Chopper.  Well, after discovering your milk was around $4 a gallon versus the $6 I was paying for organic at Wal-Mart I emailed Daina.

I am happy to say that after 4 weeks of little Abby drinking organic or GNFF milk her issue is resolving.  With the price of GNFF being more economical we switched as a family.  I noticed a significant change in my 5 year old’s behavior around this time.  She was completely emotional and crying/throwing fits literally all day long.  I told my husband if I didn’t know better I would think she was suffering from PMS. 🙂  Those lovely outbursts are better and I’m wondering: could it be the milk that was causing the change?  Is it possible that the “r-BST” milk that I thought I was buying was still full of hormones?  I will really never know, but this experience has definitely made me think.  I am mostly thinking “what the heck are we putting in our foods and doing to our kids?”.

I am very happy to have found GNFF products.  I know we won’t be able to buy everything you put on the shelves of our stores, but at least we have some options now for our kids that aren’t full of chemicals or hormones.

Thanks again!  And if you even need a reference for the milk, please let me know.  I would be happy to do that.


To learn more about Prairieland Dairy and their cows, visit their website at: www.prairielanddairy.com


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