foodNow Gala Event, Saturday Aug. 28th in Kansas City, and YOU are invited!

Dear Grower, 

For the past year local food advocates and community volunteers have met to create a major event to raise awareness and money for local, healthier eating in the greater Kansas City area.  We want to bring positive food choices to a new and wider audience that is interested but not yet involved in the local food movement.  To achieve this, the event will create a thought-provoking interaction between the rural and urban heritage of Kansas City.  We also think it is important to attract national attention to the event and to the value Kansas City brings to food.  

Out of these gatherings has come foodNow, an unique food event.  The atmosphere of the event will be fun and creative.  We are having it at a location that brings the farm to the city.  The event will be at 1300 West 13th Street in the West Bottoms.  The roof of the Stowe Hardware building will hold the silent auction and cocktails.  We will dine in the street on an all local food, plated, coursed dinner at one long table.  The date is Saturday, August 28th, 2010.  Our goal is 300 attendees.  

This year’s proceeds will benefit the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture, Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition and the Kansas City Community Gardens.  

Help us raise awareness for all you do for local, healthier eating.  We invite you to participate in the foodNow event.  We need local food, growing displays and your support. 

Our goal is to only serve local food at the event.  Any amount of food contribution for the event will be accepted with gratitude.  

We would love to fill the area with growing plants.  W are asking for growers to contribute creative planters out of containers or recycled items you have to use for display and auction off in our silent auction. 

Please go to, click on growers and commit to helping in the success of foodNow.


Jane Zieha, Co-chair of foodNow


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