Meet Our Newest Staff Additions

We’ve added a couple of new faces to our Staff in St. Louis.  Chef’s Darian Franklin and Loretta Stewart.  Check out their Bio’s below

Chef  “Lo” Loretta  Stewart

Chef Lo

     “Being the second oldest of five siblings, my father taught me how to make a creative meal out of what I thought was nothing.  Raised by a family of educators and cooks, I spent some summers on the family farm with my great grandmother.  I started off as an Early Childhood Educator.  Then helping children in a different way, I moved to pediatric care as an Assisting Nurse for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  My love, passion and creativeness for food led me to make my final career change into the culinary world.  I received my Associate in Culinary Arts from L’Ecole Culinaire in St. Louis, Missouri.  Although I have been in the culinary world formally and informally for most of my life, I realized that this is a gift and not a career for me.  This is what led me to Bistro Kids.  The love for children and what they eat is a good start to success for the future growth and health of our children today.  This is my passion, this is my love,  this is me.”

Chef Darian Franklin

Chef Darian

“My name is Chef Darian and I have been a Culinary Professional for the last twenty years.  I entered the culinary field at about the age of fifteen and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I began in the industry at the bottom of the chain (dishwasher) and worked my way through the ranks to Executive Chef.  I have worked in every area of the culinary industry from cafeteria style cooking to fine dining.  One day I met ChefK and she had this amazing concept that I had knowledge of, but had not seen implemented. Our mission here at Bistro Kids is to become integral part of the school community by empowering, teaching, and feeding as many students as possible kid friendly meals that are healthy, seasonal, delicious, and whenever possible, locally grown.  We believe that healthy nutritious meals go a long way with our students-helping them to become more attentive, better educated, and healthier. I am very excited about this company and look forward to contributing to all Bistro Kids’ future endeavors. ”

Welcome aboard Chef Lo and Chef Darian.  We are excited to have you join a fabulous team.  If you see them around the schools in St. Louis stop and introduce yourself.  You will enjoy talking with them.  Happy cooking!


One Response to “Meet Our Newest Staff Additions”

  1. Jacki Dirksmeyer Says:

    We are so proud of Loretta and her accomplishments. She is a wonderful person who will shine with Bistro Kids. Keep on Cooking Loretta! Blessings in all that you do! Miss Jacki, Career Services, L’Ecole Culinaire

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