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From our friends at the Organic School Project.  Making a difference in the lives of our children!

Top Tactics for October Vegetable Gardening 
The first week of October is here and it’s time to start preparing your vegetable gardens for early spring planting! Prepare your soil by removing all stalks to prevent insect and disease problems next year. Next, spread manure and incorporate it into your soil. Finally, mulch your plants to prolong harvest and provide an insulating blanket for the winter months. Don’t forget to water your plants well for more cold tolerance.

In mid October, you can begin planting for your spring garden! Plant garlic bulbs in rich, well-drained soil. Begin by breaking the bulbs apart into individual cloves. The end of the clove that was broken from the bulb should be planted down in the soil. Be sure to space each bulb 5 inches apart and plant them 1-2 inches deep. Cover the soil with 4-6 inches of mulch to provide heat insulation.
Garlic can also be planted in the spring, but sowing this cold hardy root vegetable in the fall will ensure you better results− healthier plants and larger cloves!

Happy Gardening!
How Can I Change?
TEDx, a program under TED, is of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share thoughts and ideas. Recently, 11-year-old Birke Baehr shared his thoughts about the food system. He touched on a handful of things such as: company marketing, genetically modified food, his realization of what kind of environments food comes from, pesticides and herbicides, and more. He wants to be part of fixing our food system.

Take a look.
It really says something when someone as young as 11 realizes the truth about food and wants to talk about it. At 11 he can understand marketing ploys from corporate companies and how they affect us. An inspiring part of his presentation was when he told the audience about wanting to be an NFL player, but now he wants to be an organic farmer so he can help make a change.
He wrapped up by talking about the resistance against buying local and organic food because of the cost. Birke said, “With all these things I’ve been learning about the food system, it seems to me that we can either pay the farmer, or we can pay the hospital.”

Get your kids to eat healthy food
by founder, Greg Christian


Having your children own a part of the meal preparation is key to ensuring they stay connected to their birthright-food-and be a part of the family meals from start to finish.
Often, people wait way too long to get the kids involved, and instead, occupy them in another room with some electronic gadget…TV…video…blackberry… until dinner is ready. When the parents think it’s time to engage the kids, it’s too late; they are used to meals ‘being done to them’ and want to play video games instead. Their mentality, ‘call me when it’s ready mom, dad…’
Well I say get them started early and often-include them in something every night!
From the time they can reach the table, they can help. If they aren’t tall enough, put a chair at the sink so they can help wash veggies. Think of it as an investment into their connection to ‘foodness’. The stronger the connection up front, the less you or anyone else will have to worry about their wellbeing-at least around food.

Hint: there are not a lot of people who grow up on farms that live on fast or prepared foods…
To come in future issues is how to guide and inspire kids to help in the kitchen-with both high level thoughts-and very practical ‘tips’.


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