Bistro kids Black Beans at Home – A request.

This note came to us from a mother of a student at Forsyth who really liked how the Chef’s made Black Beans.  Follow along how the Chefs prepared  them and you can try them with your loved ones at home.


My son, Cooper ***** is in****.  I picked him up on Tuesday and he talked about BLACK BEANS from lunch.  He even found black beans at Whole Foods and insisted I make them.

Can you share with me how the black beans were prepared?  Cooper will be thrilled if we can have them at home!

Thank you,

Hello Julie,
I apologize for the delay in response. Thank you for the feedback, this type of thing excites and motivates our chefs to continue exposing the students of Forsyth to new items. After talking to the chefs, the bean preparation was very simple (this seems to work best with the kids) The dried beans were simmered until soft (about 2 hours)  in a vegetable stock consisting of carrots, onions, and celery (mirepoux) tomato,salt, pepper, and bay leaves. Once softened the beans were drained of 1/2 this stock, reserving to add in during service as the warm beans continue to soak up the liquid. They were then seasoned with roasted garlic, seasoning salt, a touch of cumin, and salt and pepper were adjusted to taste.
Thank you again for sharing Cooper’s feedback, and thank you for participating in a better school lunch for your students growing body and mind.
Never hesitate to contact me with any other questions, comments, questions, or suggestions that you may have.
Chef Matthew Kern
Bistro Kids


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