The Beans & Greens Mobile Market – A new KC Initiative

A message from our friend at Beans & Greens Mobile Market:


In the upcoming weeks a new initiative will be launching in Kansas City, The
Beans&Greens Mobile Market.  As a part The Kansas City Beans&Greens Program,
the Mobile Market will focus on bringing locally grown produce, eggs, meat,
honey and jams to the food deserts of Kansas City.  Our goal is to increase
the access and affordability to locally produced goods.  How do we increase
access?  By taking the farmers’ market experience to the food deserts of
Kansas City.  How do we improve affordability?  By offering the Beans&Greens
matching dollars program.

As a result of our mission we are committed to promoting the benefits of
eating foods that are grown locally.  This year we are looking for growers
to provide the products that we will sell to our customers.  If you are in
selling us your produce, eggs, meats, honey or jams, then we will help you
reach new customers.  On a weekly basis, communities without full-service
grocery stores or access to farmers’ markets, will benefit from the Mobile
Market.  The initial communities we will be serving are:

.         Argentine, Kansas City, Kansas

.         Marlborough Neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri

.         Westside of Kansas City, Missouri

In addition to hosting weekly markets, we’ll be participating in community
events that promote the benefits of healthier living.  As it stands, we have
a huge opportunity this Saturday, April 9th, to provide foods for the
participants at the Third Annual UMKC Health Sciences Wellness Fair
<> .  We’ve received a request to
provide locally grown, pre-packaged items.  If you want to sell us your
honey, jams, preserves, salsa, bread or eggs – CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY.  I
look forward to hearing the interest in our program and even more to
representing your hard work.

To learn more about the Kansas City Beans&Greens Program, please visit our
website: or become a fan on Facebook.  Also, CLICK
erts>  to view the short expose done by Larry Seward of NBC Action News.


One Response to “The Beans & Greens Mobile Market – A new KC Initiative”

  1. Dwayne Crompton Says:

    Great concept!! We want to support a mobile unit for our church community at 2200 Olive St. We are willing to support the project financially as well as to market and provide volunteers.

    We are ready. All we need is for you to take us seriously We’re ready. Call me

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