Joy Costa, BK’s newest Chef

Chef Joy Costa

Chef Joy started in kitchens at a young age helping her mother prepare food for catered events. From washing grapes to peeling carrots grew the love for instant gratification and independence that only cooking can give.

After receiving a degree in Food and Beverage Management from Johnson County Community College, Joy thought to allow herself more opportunities she would also complete a degree in Vocational Technical Education from Pittsburg State University. This education gives Joy the skills she needs to teach a classroom full of hungry students.

Working as a line cook, pastry chef, baker and sous chef, Joy concluded that food will always be the greatest way to relay her art and passion. Joy knows there are others that are just as hungry as she is and they are all welcome at her table.

Joy, we are thrilled to have you here at the Bistro kids table.  Here’s to a year filled with excitement and new experiences!  Welcome aboard and happy cooking!

From everyone here at BK


One Response to “Joy Costa, BK’s newest Chef”

  1. Joy — Welcome to one of the greatest places a chef could hope to be — Bistro Kids — surrounded by food lovers and experts who are committed to making good nutrition and healthy living a fun experience for kids of all ages.

    Diane Young, Director of Marketing for Treat America

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