You can get with that, or you can get with this!

Our very own Chef Mark wanted to show you the difference between what we do and what students at one of the local KC area school districts had for lunch. 

What you see above is what was served at Kansas City Academy recently when Chef Mark prepared a choice of Vegetable or Chicken Fajitas.

  • Hand-made tomato salsa,
  • chipotle crema
  •  Chimichurri sauce,
  •  cumin slaw,
  • cilantro-chive crema and home-made escabeche of carrots,
  •  jalapenos,
  •  onions and broccoli stems.

Other sides include roasted corn with kidney beans and black-eyed peas, spanish style brown rice and quinoa and caramelized onions and peppers.

  All fresh, locally sourced and the nutrients a young person needs to focus on the rest of the school day.
Then there’s this menu from one of the local KC School districts served the very same day:
• French Toast Sticks/Sausage (packaged and ready to be reheated)
Fish munchies.  How do they catch those? (processed and ready for the re-heater)
Oven Potatoes
Steamed Broccoli
Fresh Grapes
Muffin Squares
Orange Juice
Now, you can get with that…or… can get with this!
Bistro kids…..serving up delicious since 2006!


One Response to “You can get with that, or you can get with this!”

  1. It’s always Wonderful!

    – Miles

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