The New Cyclone Cafe at Bishop Ward!

Cyclone Café Opens to Enthusiastic Crowd
Monday was the first full day of school and with it came the grand opening of the newly renovated Cyclone Café!

Audible gasps and excited declarations of approval filled the air as students heaped delicious portions of sauteéd green beans and baked chicken fingers upon their plates at lunchtime.

“It looks like a hotel!” Sophomore Christina Tyrell exclaimed as she surveyed the warm glow of the Tiffany-inspired light fixtures.

“It’s really nice!” agreed Junior Annel Perez as she helped herself to some salad. “I really want to eat!”


The updated Café now allows students to move briskly through three different food stations where they can choose delicious and nutricious options at breakfast and lunch. Studies show that a healthy, balanced diet is conducive to better learning. The Cyclone Café is one way Bishop Ward is educating students on how to make good choices at mealtimes.


“We are really excited about the grand opening of the Cyclone Café,” said President Fr. Michael Hermes. “The Cyclone Café compliments the high quality food being served for breakfast and lunch each day. We are grateful to all of our donors who made this renovation possible.”


The renovation of the Cyclone Café was the 2010 Auction Fund-A-Need. Many thanks to all of our generous donors who created such a beautiful space for our students and the whole Bishop Ward community!

We could not be more proud to be a part of this wonderful school.  Bishop Ward Rocks!  – BK



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