You Can Be A Civil War Era Chef

by Tamar L. – student at  The Saul Mirowitz Day School

Well, you may be surprised to know that the North won the Civil War…and not just the real one that was fought 150 years ago. The fifth graders experienced their own civil war…though it was a rather friendly one with dice to roll instead of guns to shoot.

Thursday, with the help of Chef Monica, we made hard tack and cornmeal mush. Do you know what that is? That’s the food the soldiers ate during the war. Both are really bland, but we enjoyed them anyway.

  • Here’s the recipe for hardtack.
  • get a pile of whole grain flour
  • add some water to make it gooey but not soaked
  • add  a bit of Crisco to stick it all together
  • then bake it until it looks done.

Are you wondering why I didn’t give you exact measurements? Well, the soldiers did not exactly have measuring cups in their knapsacks!

  • Here’s the recipe for cornmeal mush:
  • Get a bowl of boiling water.
  •  Half the bowl is a good amount.
    Then add cornmeal until it starts to get sort of thick, kind of like scrambled eggs.
  •  Mix and mix until it gets even thicker. Then enjoy!

Now you are a Civil War era chef just like we are!

Great article Tamar!  We love reading your article at Bistro kids!


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