Meet Sarah Robinson. Our newest Chef at Donnelly College.

Sarah and her friend....Larry the Lobster!

I grew up in Columbia, MO helping my grandmother cook from-scratch food from as early as the age of 4. I can remember making pasta by hand and hanging the Fettucine on racks to dry. Even then, I knew that I always wanted to cook. Later on in life, I attended liberal arts college for a couple of years and realized that I hadn’t truly pursued my passion for cooking. I transferred to Johnson County Community College for the Chef Apprenticeship program and worked at Lidia’s for 4 years. The idea of seasonality and farm to table concepts rubbed off on me after working there, and even in my own home where I cook for my 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twin sons, I try my best to teach them what I have learned and to also pass down my culinary skills.
I’m very excited to be joining Bistro Kids with its arsenal of amazing and passionate chefs. I am a fun-loving, jolly, and sometimes quirky chef who loves to belt out 80’s tunes while cooking in my cafe…And yet, Bistro Kids still makes me feel at home! 🙂

Sarah, welcome to Bistro kids….we are thrilled you are with us and look forward to “hearing the 80’s” in the kitchen at Donnelly!  Get your food groove on and cook away!


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