5 sustainability success stories in the food industry

The Grocery Manufacturers Association released the report “Environmental Success Stories in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry,” which highlights the green achievements by member companies in air, water and waste management. Here are a few of the inspiring case studies.

Saving energy with a multipronged approach

Campbell Soup saved $500,000 in utility costs with an efficiency initiative at a plant in California, where it reduced electricity and water usage per pound of product by 4.85% and 13.45% respectively, and total waste at the site was cut by 860 tons. The success was attributed to a metering system, a recycling program and lower-flow water nozzles. Another $500,000 will be saved each year using a heat-recovery system and a hot water generation system.

Cutting carbon through natural refrigeration

One of Kraft Foods‘ refrigerated-storage facilities is located in a natural limestone cave near Springfield, Mo., and it uses 65% less energy than conventional storage sites. The natural insulation is just one benefit — Kraft also has saved 1,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 180,000 gallons of fuel and 1 million trucking miles each year.

Click here to read more: http://smartblogs.com/restaurants/2012/02/02/5-sustainability-sucess-stories-in-the-food-industry/


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