Kansas City Community Gardens Needs Your Support

Dear Gardeners and Friends,

A major part of Kansas City Community Gardens’ funding has been
threatened to be cut and we need your help to secure it again!

Background Information:
KCCG has been receiving Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
funds every year (except 2010) for the past 28 years.
KCCG has received $32,000-$39,000 for the past 12 years.
This year, city staff recommended KCCG for ZERO FUNDING for the
upcoming funding year.
CDBG funding for KCCG provides garden support for low-income families
and community groups. Funds are used for garden tilling, garden
improvements, water, insurance and staff support.
The number of food gardens has increased dramatically over the last
four years. KCCG is currently assisting over 990 low-income families,
178 community groups and 105 schools produce food from gardens. The
majority of these gardens are in KCMO.
KCMO’s City Council recently adopted Resolution 120046 that supports
improved access to healthy foods for KCMO residents. This resolution
recognizes the value of efforts of citizens to produce food from
community gardens and home gardens.

Here’s how you can help:
1) Join us for any of the following meetings to show support for KCCG:
City Council Public Budget Hearing: Saturday, February 18 at
10:00am-12:00pm at the Robert J. Mohart Center, 3200 Wayne Ave. Kansas
City, MO 64109
CDBG Hearing: Friday, February 29 at 1:30pm at City Hall, 414 East
12th Street Kansas City, MO 64106 (City Council Chambers, 26th floor)
City Council Public Budget Hearing: Friday, February 29 at 7-9:00pm
at Hillcrest Community Center, 10401 Hillcrest Road Kansas City, MO
If you are able to attend one of these meetings, please contact
Earlene Franks at 816-931-3877 or earlene@kccg.org to let her know you
are going to attend. Although all these meetings are critical, we are
hoping to have an especially large showing at the CDBG hearing.
Transportation from KCCG to the CDBG hearing is available. We will
leave KCCG offices (6917 Kensington KCMO 64132) at 12:30pm, February

2) E-mail, call or write your city council representatives and tell
them in your own words that food gardens are very important to our
city and that you think that KCCG should receive full funding. You can
use the information listed above, but we also encourage you to share
your own story of how KCCG has helped you and/or your community.

If you are not a KCMO resident, please e-mail, call or write the
mayors office. Below, you will find names, e-mail addresses, mailing
addresses and phone numbers for city council representatives and the

Thank you for your continued support. Please call Earlene at
816-931-3877 if you have any questions.



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