Chef Jasper Set to Cook Lunch for the First Lady of the United States

Chef Jasper Mirabile Jr, Owner and Chef at Jasper’s Ristorante in Kansas City has been a big supporter of Bistro kids.  We are honored to call him “friend” and excited about what he’s about to cook up on March 5th. 
Congratulations Chef!  From everyone here at Bistro kids! Happy Creating for the First Lady!
You can also visit Chef Jaspers facebook page here:
Press Release
March 5, 2012
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The First Lady of the United States is scheduled to come to Kansas City on Monday, March 5, for a private event with the Democratic National Committee and Chef Jasper Mirabile Jr. has been selected to cook for the luncheon at The American Jazz Museum on 18th & Vine.
The Kansas City celebrity chef and local restaurateur has been working on a special m…enu along with his staff since being contacted last Monday by Michelle Obama’s staff. “I am very excited to not only cook for First Lady Michelle Obama but also very honored. I know what a great supporter of local farmers and food artisans the first lady has been so I did a lot of research and contacted my friends in the Kansas City area from Shatto Milk, Campo Lindo Farms, Boulevard Brewery, Farm To Market Bread, Hen House Market, CowTown Chessecake, Good Natured Family Farms and American Italian Pasta Co. to use on my menu. It has been a highlight of my career and I am just hoping for a flawless service on Monday. My staff has been working all weekend and are just as excited as I am. I am thinking of offering some of the dishes I have created for First Lady Michelle Obama to my regular customers and friends at Jasper’s.”

First Lady Michelle Obama Luncheon
The American Jazz Museum
Kansas City, Missouri
March 5, 2012

Menu Del Giorno
Albacore Tuna & Cannelini Beans Sicilian Cracker

Boulevard Pale Ale Lobster Mac & Cheese

Chilled Leek & Roasted Cauliflower Soup, Garlic Chives, Crispy Louisburg Cider Glazed Guanciale

Jasper’s Signature Mozzarella Theater
Tear Drop Tomato, Local Basil & Farm to Market Crostini

Sicilian Sea Salt Crusted Kansas Beef Tenderloin
Pesto Aioli

Spicy Shrimp, Orzo, Blood Orange & Spring Onions

Brick Oven Roasted Local Chicken Wild Field Greens

CowTown Sweet Potato Cheesecake Missouri Praline Bourbon Drizzle

Chef Jasper J. Mirabile Jr.
Jasper’s Ristorante Kansas City


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