Don’t Give the Dog Sugar with His Tea

About this Project

Don’t Give the Dog Sugar With His Tea! tells the wild adventure of a dog who has had too much sugar. Children love the clanging and banging of the chase he has with the cat and mouse! But among the fun and laughter of the action packed story line, lies a subtle but extremely important point about the highs and lows that arise from eating excessive amounts of sugar. 

The Facts:  
– Over consumption of sugar creates unhealthy kids. 
– Unhealthy kids under-perform in school.
– Unhealthy kids are more prone to obesity.
– Today, 1/3 of American children are obese. 

Our homes, our schools, and the overwhelming majority of our pre-packaged foods are awash in sugar.   

Through this fun, energetic and engaging story, my goal is to not only provide children with an opportunity to laugh, but to also provide them with an opportunity to begin to think about the impact that sugar can have on their minds and bodies. Parents too will be empowered to consider the sugar intake from the foods they prepare. 

The illustrator, Mengyu Chen, is a world class illustrator who will bring this story to life through colorful, action-packed scenes. Her wonderfully talented illustrations (including the cover design) will ensure that parents and children are fully engaged as they read this story from beginning to end.  

If you agree that it is time to begin reducing our consumption of sugar; if you want to support the work of helping to develop a generation of healthier, less sugared children, please join me in this effort. Your financial support will allow me to pay for the illustrations needed to complete this book. Once completed, I will begin introducing the story to bookstores, libraries, schools and online book selling venues.

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