CIA’s Durfee heading to ‘World Cup’ for pastry chefs

Chef Durfee was one of Chef K’s Pastry instructors at CIA.  We here at Bistro kids are thrilled to see him head to the “World Cup”!  Good luck!

For months, Stephen Durfee has been working in a back room at the CIA on a  top secret project. His objective: world domination. His weapon: chocolate.

This is, after all, St. Helena’s CIA, the Culinary Institute of America at  Greystone.

Durfee moved one step closer to his goal last weekend when he secured a place  as one of three Americans comprising the team that will represent the U.S. in  the upcoming equivalent of the World Cup for pastry chefs, the Coupe Du Monde de  la Patisserie in Lyon, France in January 2013.

Durfee, an instructor at the CIA since 2000, will spend his 50th birthday  serving as the team chocolatier.

Last September, Durfee was invited to compete against three other top U.S.  pastry chefs for the chocolate expert role on the team. He was given a theme — communication — around which to design and prepare three creations at a two-day  competition in Grand Rapids, Mich. Just how he chose to express the theme was to  remain a secret until the finals.

Observers watching Durfee as he rehearsed for the competition only saw  someone turning out version after version of chocolate telephones, chocolate  wings and chocolate squiggly things. His theme revealed was: Batman. “How the  police commissioner of Gotham City communicates with Batman,” in chocolate,  Durfee explained.

After months of preparing, working with students in the CIA baking and pastry  program, Durfee, along with his “manager” Jessica Roberts, a recent graduate  serving an apprenticeship in the CIA chocolate shop, and current student Maureen  Foley, who had been helping Durfee practice, departed last Wednesday for  Michigan.

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