No Gatorade, whole milk at Chicago Public Schools?

Gatorade, vitamin drinks and even whole milk would be barred from sale in Chicago Public Schools during school hours under a new “Healthy Snack and Beverage” policy up for a school board vote this week.

Selling chocolate bars for school fund-raisers and using candy or fattening cupcakes to reward kids would be “minimized’’ but not necessarily outlawed under the proposal. Instead, “non-food’’ rewards must be promoted.

A “wellness team’’ in each school would establish ways to hold “healthy” fund-raisers and offer “healthy celebrations and rewards” that comply with “applicable federal regulations” and meet the very specific caloric, fat and sodium guidelines outlined in the policy.

“It’s true our kids’ eating patterns overall need some work,’’ said Wendy Katten, co-founder of the parent group Raise Your Hands. “But if teachers hand out Halloween treats, are they in trouble?”

Under the plan, many food and drink items would definitely be off limits from sale to students during school hours. For example, the new policy would:

♦ Prohibit the sale of soft drinks, fruit drinks, vitamin-water drinks and energy drinks with minimal nutritional value. Juice drinks must be 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice.



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