2012 Food and Nutrition Coalition Annual Meeting

2012 Food and Nutrition Coalition Annual Meeting=============

Thursday, December 6

Click here to register
The USDA Food and Nutrition Service is hosting the 2012 Food and Nutrition Coalition (FNC) Annual Meeting and invites you to attend in-person at one of the 8 different locations across the country. Attendees can also choose to participate remotely from their computer and telephone.
TheFNC is a Coalition of 600+ members representing organizations from across the country who are trying to end hunger, improve nutrition, and/or create sustainable and just food systems. As our valued partner, we invite you to the 2012 Annual Meeting to see how FNC can help you in your work and how you can help strengthen FNC. At the meeting, you will also learn about the changes to the FNC that will make it easier for you to collaborate and network with other people that share your interests. This is an opportunity to influence the direction for the new FNC.
Date: December 6, 2012
Time: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm EST
Who: Open to public
Locations: The Annual Meeting will take place simultaneously in 8 different cities across the country. The 8 different locations will be connected by video, audio, and webinar tool. See the list of locations to attend on theregistration page.
Fee: Free. Attendees will provide their own lunch (option for delivery will vary per region).
*For more information on the Food and Nutrition Coalitionclick here

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