General Mills Removes All GMOs From Cheerios

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General Mills said yesterday that it has stopped using genetically modified ingredients in its original version of Cheerios cereal.

According to the USA Today story, “While the oats used to make Cheerios have never contained any genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the company did make changes to its sourcing — and now, for example, only uses non-GMO pure cane sugar instead of beet sugar, says spokesman Mike Siemienas.”

The story also says that “General Mills has no plans to phase out GMOs from its other cereals in the U.S, even though most Cheerios varieties sold in Europe are made without GMOs.”

And, the story goes on, “The move is being hailed by anti-GMO activist groups as a major victory. It comes at a time activists have been increasingly pressuring American food makers to remove GMOs from all foods — or, at the very least, label all foods that do contain GMOs.”

The Wall Street Journal story says that “the 73-year-old breakfast cereal one of the highest-profile brands to change in the face of growing complaints over such ingredients from activist groups and some consumers.”

The Journal also notes that General Mills “started manufacturing the GMO-free cereal several weeks ago, and expects it to be available to consumers ‘shortly,’ once the products have made their way through the distribution system and onto shelves. The Cheerios will carry the label ‘Not Made With Genetically Modified Ingredients,’ though the company notes that they could contain trace amounts due to contamination in shipping or manufacturing.”

KC’s View: To me, it is the labeling on the package that is more important than the actual policy change.

It shows that such labels are possible. It shows that in the opinion one big company, such labels are desired by consumers, and may be welcomed even by those who are not calling for them.

It is an important move, because it is not being taken by a small, fringe manufacturer. You don’t get more mainstream than Cheerios.

The tide is turning.


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