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Bistro kids Black Beans at Home – A request.

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This note came to us from a mother of a student at Forsyth who really liked how the Chef’s made Black Beans.  Follow along how the Chefs prepared  them and you can try them with your loved ones at home.


My son, Cooper ***** is in****.  I picked him up on Tuesday and he talked about BLACK BEANS from lunch.  He even found black beans at Whole Foods and insisted I make them.

Can you share with me how the black beans were prepared?  Cooper will be thrilled if we can have them at home!

Thank you,

Hello Julie,
I apologize for the delay in response. Thank you for the feedback, this type of thing excites and motivates our chefs to continue exposing the students of Forsyth to new items. After talking to the chefs, the bean preparation was very simple (this seems to work best with the kids) The dried beans were simmered until soft (about 2 hours)  in a vegetable stock consisting of carrots, onions, and celery (mirepoux) tomato,salt, pepper, and bay leaves. Once softened the beans were drained of 1/2 this stock, reserving to add in during service as the warm beans continue to soak up the liquid. They were then seasoned with roasted garlic, seasoning salt, a touch of cumin, and salt and pepper were adjusted to taste.
Thank you again for sharing Cooper’s feedback, and thank you for participating in a better school lunch for your students growing body and mind.
Never hesitate to contact me with any other questions, comments, questions, or suggestions that you may have.
Chef Matthew Kern
Bistro Kids


Our newest member of the team, Kat Shonberg-Hamar

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Kat is our newest assistant LPC, at Forsyth School.  If you see her around the halls, be sure and say “howdy” to her.  We are happy to have her on our team!

Kat Schonberg-Hamar’s Bio

Kat Schonberg-Hamar grew up eating wild fish caught by her commercial fisherman father, and fresh vegetables grown by her green thumbed mother. As a teenager, she got curious about the industrial food system and was dismayed by what she found, prompting her to become a vegan. When her mother refused to cook her special meals, she had to learn how to cook. This necessity turned into a passion, and Kat has been cooking healthy meals from whole ingredients ever since. Nowadays she conscientiously eats some animal products, but still enjoys emphasizing fresh produce and whole grains in her diet. 

The opportunity to share her love of cooking and eating delicious, healthy, sustainable, and environmentally sound foods is very exciting for Kat. She hopes to attend culinary school soon. When she’s not at Central Kitchen, she can be found taking on fun cooking projects at home, assisting with cooking classes, and working out with her husband. In the summer she works on a fishing boat in Alaska and eats as much wild seafood as possible.


Bistro kids appears in Forsyth Focus

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Bistro kids  and CCI Stephanie Jansing appeared in Forsyth School’s newsletter, FOCUS:

Grade 3 Learns about Bison
It was a nice coincidence that Grade 3 students were completing their Wagons West unit during Bistro Kids bison month.  It was a perfect opportunity for the kids to experience firsthand what many of those traveling west encountered on a regular basis – cooking with bison.

Before creating delicious mini bison meatloaves, we discussed how bison fits into a healthy diet.  As a member of the meat and beans group on the Food Guide Pyramid, we discussed serving sizes, other meat and bean foods, and the concept of consuming a vegetarian diet.  The third graders then got their taste buds working with a bean taste test and identification activity.

While whipping up our bison meatloaves, we discussed nutritional differences between bison and other meats – bison is, in fact, a lean meat.  The third graders were also quick to pick up on the idea that when bison feed on grass, they are healthiest because they are eating a natural diet.  The students were able to enjoy their mini bison meatloaves as part of lunch the following day.

It was great fun working with the third graders, and it was wonderful to see so many of them willingly and bravely trying new foods!
– Chef Stephanie Jansing
Bistro Kids Culinary Instructor

Letter to the Editor from a Forsyth Student

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The following letter was sent to the St. Louis Post from Tova C., a 6th Grade student at Forsyth School in St. Louis.  Sometimes when we wonder if we are making an impact in some small way, we see letters like this and our batteries are recharged and ready to go

Visit the St. Louis Post-Dispatch at

Moving toward healthier eating

In “Happy to cut the fat: (Feb. 11), I read about how first lady Michelle Obama created a program called “Let’s Move” to help decrease the number of obese children in America.  Ms. Obama is trying to make healthy food available in school lunch programs and for less-fortunate people who live where healthy food is scarce or unavailable.

     A lower-class family that does not make a lot of money may turn to a fast-food meal for less than $5 instead of paying $5 or more for fresh produce and other healthy foods.  White bread might be cheaper than whole grain bread, but it is not as nutritious.  Food prices should be dropped and markets should be opened in inner-city and rural areas so that everyone can have a healthy diet, no matter how high or low his income is.

     My school started a new lunch program this year called “Bistro kids.”  The lunches are organic and contain locally grown products.  Programs such as “Bistro kids” are helping combat the childhood obesity epidemic.  My school is doing it’s part to fight against this problem.  Now you and your community must do your part

Tova C. St. Louis

Well there you have it.  I do believe Tova just threw down the challenge gauntlet to all of us.  We must all do our part to curb this epidemic called childhood obesity!  Thanks Tova……you ROCK!

Pictures from the Forsyth School Fall Picnic

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Forsyth School in St. Louis held their annual fall picnic at Shaw Park, Friday Sept. 11th.  Bistro Kids catered the event and we really enjoyed being part of the festivities.   It was one of those nights that was perfect for a picnic.  Not a cloud in the sky and temperature somewhere in the high 70’s to low 80’s (except if you were cooking the turkey legs or the sausage.  Then the range varied from hot to hotter!) 

     Yours truly, Joe Blogger had the priveledge to travel up from Florida to attend the event and see everyone in action.  We had the Chefs from Forsyth, Brandi on Philly Cheese Steaks.  Stephanie hanging out with Polar Pete the Snow Cone Making Machine!   Matt on Turkey legs and Sausage.  Mike on the Nacho Cheese Dip.  And we can’t forget Merrill who was on Sausage to help Matt, and then over on Cheese Steaks to help Brandi, and then filling up water, etc. etc.  And Chef K on, well let’s just say she was everywhere.  Now as far as me, my duties where to stay out of everyone’s way and be the official gopher.   Go fer this, go fer that.  I did okay.

     We truly had a great time being a part of this wonderful event and look forward to being a part of it for years to come!

Lunch is so Fun!

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Sometimes a camera just catches that moment that you don’t ever want to let go of.  That happened to be the case when Chef K took a pic of this student at Forsyth during lunch.  An absolute priceless pic and again one of the reasons that we love fixing lunch for the students of our schools we are involved with. 

To find out how your school can become a part of what we do, email Keirsten Firquain at , or call us at 913.710.5171.

Forsyth School

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We are pleased to announce that we have added another school to our Farm 2 School Lunch Program….Forsyth School in St. Louis Missouri.  We are excited about this new venture and look forward to working with the Staff in serving their students beginning this fall! 


Welcome Aboard Forsyth! 

To learn more about Forsyth School, visit their website at