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Don’t miss out on the summer CSA program at Oakhill.

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Don’t miss out on this summers CSA program. 




Cooking with Chef Mark

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Our very own Chef Mark sat down with students from Oakhill Day School and spent some time teaching the children about the joys of cooking and what they are fixing and eating.  Bistro kids is not just about fixing lunch for the students.  We are about teaching them what’s good about fixing and eating good food that helps their bodies grow! 

Terry Ferris from ODH sent us the following message as well as the pictures:

“I wanted to take a moment and forward some pictures that were taken
today during our cooking time with Chef Mark. It was very appropriate as
we are discussing community helpers during our class time and the
chef/baker was our person today. The children really love to do cooking
with chef Mark. They are really in tune to him as you can see from some
of the pictures. I have to admit I was a little skeptical on them
willing to try the salad and most of them really liked it. Hope you
enjoy the pictures. We had fun!”

Way to go Mark!  The students loved had a great time and you included our main ingredient………..FUN!

Oakhill Apples

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A few days ago, Chef Mark decided to have a “bobbing for apples” contest at Oakhill.  No clear winner was determined, but there were plenty of smiles, giggles and laughter to go around, proving that Our main ingredient was part of the day……FUN!

2010 Oakhill Day School CSA Program

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  • What is a CSA? A Community Supported Agriculture program where participants purchase a share of local, seasonal products
  • Who supplies the products? Good Natured Family Farms, an alliance of 150 family farms in a 200 mile radius
  • Who implements the program? Bistro Kids, who provides Oakhill students with a Farm 2 School lunch program and nutrition education
  • How does it work? Each Wednesday from 3:00pm-8:00pm a special selection of farm fresh products will be waiting for you to pick up at the school
  • How much does it cost? For $22 each week you will receive up to 30% of off retail pricing as well as a farm newsletter complete with food content, Bistro Kids recipe, fun food facts, produce selection and storage tips, retail savings sheet, reusable shopping bags, student cookbook, and more!
  • How do I sign up? Simply print out the participation form below, or you can pick one up in the school office, or the school kitchen.  Fill the form out and return to the school office at Oakhill Day School or you can fax the form to: (419)-791-7820



I understand that my Community Supported Agriculture package will cost $22 each week to run June 2-September 29, 2010. Payment for each package will be paid in full by check or credit card prior to program start, or authorized for weekly credit card deduction.  


Name:_____________________________________________ Phone:__________________________

Address:____________________________________________ City, State, Zip:___________________

Email for weekly pickup reminder:_______________________________________________________

Hen House or Balls Price Chopper Rewards Number:________________________________________ 

Payment Options*:

    In full by check for 18 weeks $360

     In full by credit card for 18 weeks $360  

     Weekly by credit card $20 

REQUIRED if paying by Credit Card:

Signature Authorization for Credit Card___________________________________________________

Credit Card Number______________________________________________

Card Code_____________

Expiration Date________________ 

For Questions please contact ChefK@ or 913.710.5171

Thank you for supporting local, family farms!

*If there is a week you are unable to pick up your items, a charity donation option is available


Oakhill rocks the Food Revolution!

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Food Revolution in Kansas City
GLADSTONE, MO—Oakhill Day School, a Private Independent School in the Northland, has had its own “Food Revolution” since Fall 2007, with a school garden, recycling and composting program, physical education 5 times a day and has been the pilot school for the Farm to School Lunch Program with Bistro Kids. 
“As the country is focusing more on child obesity and sustaining our earth, Oakhill is taking pride in the fact that we have been leaders in the Kansas City area with our programs,” said Suzanne McCanles, Head of School.  “The Food Revolution should be happening across America and starting in our schools- with our kids.”
The students at Oakhill planted in the school garden in early April, and will be one of its local organic farmers for the lunch and cooking program.  The students are growing different kinds of lettuce, spinach, radishes, onions and beets from seeds.  The school is watering the garden from recycled rain water that is stored in rain barrels near the garden. 
The students understand why it is necessary to recycle the everyday materials that are used.  Some of Oakhill’s middle school students are part of the Green Team, taking recyclable materials out to the recycle bins located on the school’s campus.  They, also, empty the compost into the bins where it will become fertilizer for the school garden. 
Every student at Oakhill gets an hour of physical activity every day they attend school.  The students attend Physical Education daily, running through obstacle courses, circuit training, and learning team sports and about healthy lifestyles.  They also have outside recess time. 
This summer, Oakhill will continue to grow its partnership with Bistro Kids through the Community Supported Agriculture Program.  Families will be able to purchase farm fresh products through the program for $20 and pick them up at the school.  Each week the program will highlight different foods for 30% off of the retail price and receive a farm newsletter, Fun Food Facts and Recipes, produce selection and storage tips, retail savings sheets, reusable shopping bags, a student cookbook and more.  CSA encourages families to eat organic, hormone free and locally grown- just as the Farm to School lunch program does.
For more information about Oakhill Day School, please call Leah Schembri at (816) 436-6228 or visit  
Leah M. Schembri
Oakhill Day School
Director of Admissions and Marketing

What’s in your school lunch? Part 2

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Here’s another example of what we serve to our customers on a daily basis…..again….IT’S THE NORfM!

Fun Friday Food and Salad Bar

Rice and Chicken Gumbo
Local Chips and Salsa
Local Whole Wheat Rolls
Fresh Fruit and Veggies
Spring Mix Salad

What’s in your school lunch? Part 1

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I know that when I was a student, knowing what was in our school lunch was sometimes a mystery.  Here’s a few pictures from a couple of days of serving lunch to our customers at Oakhill Day School.  Keep in mind….this isn’t the exception, IT’S THE NORM!

Example A:

Good Natured Family Farms All Beef Hot Dog
Local Whole Wheat Buns
Winter Harvest Squash Soup
7 grain Kashi crackers