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The Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School – All The Right Ingredients

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The Gala is Coming at SMJCS. Don’t Miss Out

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The gala is NEXT WEEKEND! And your RSVP was due a few days ago! BUT…we want every parent to attend…so we’ll extend the deadline JUST FOR YOU!

Please let Beth know you are coming right now. We expect the event will sell out. (We have almost 500 RSVPs already!)

Then…plan to bid on these fabulous auction items:

Hungry and Healthy
Bistro Kids will satisfy your child’s culinary cravings by providing $500 worth of delectable school lunches. Donated by: Bistro Kids Value: $500

Beach Getaway
Experience beautiful beaches and radiant sunshine of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Spend seven days and six nights relaxing at a condo that is walking distance to the beach and sleeps six adults. Dates are mutually agreeable.
Condo Donated by: The Vickar Family Value: $2,000

Pearly Whites
A full Orthodontic treatment using braces and retainers. You will be in good hands with Dr. Rob Shapiro. Donated by: Dr. Robert Shapiro Value: $5,000

Los Cabos, Mexico
A seven-night vacation at a lovely Mediterranean-style resort noted for casual elegance. Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, offers the full-service amenities and services found only at the world’s finest hotels. Overlook the Sea of Cortez, offering stunning views of Land’s End and a room that sleeps four. Dates are mutually agreeable. Donated by: Dr. Harvey and Fran Cantor Value: $1,400

Westin Pop-Up Challenge
The Westin Pop-Up Challenge will take place prior to the start of a
Cardinals game and will allow you a chance to catch 3 baseballs shot into
Center Field from a t-shirt gun at home plate where 20,000 fans will be
watching. Each ball caught will give you a prize provided by the Cardinals
and the Westin. The purchaser of this package will have 3 additional tickets and field passes to watch pre-game batting practice and stay for the game. Parking for the game will be provided by The Westin St. Louis. The Challenge will take
place on on July 25th or September 19th of the 2012 baseball season.
Donated by: Westin St. Louis and The Cardinals Value: $4,500

Sweet as Honey!

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Sweet As Honey: In celebration of a sweet HONEY MONTH Chef Monica  has worked with each class this month on recipes that include the natural sweetener. The students learned about substituting sugar with honey as a healthy alternative. (Did you know that honey is 25% sweeter than table sugar?) Each class used the natural sweetener in culinary class. Some grades made granola energy balls. Some made apple snacksters. And while we were walking down the hallway yesterday, we caught fifth graders using honey in a dipping sauce for tempura veggies.

Try this delicious dipping Sauce at home.  Here’s all you need:

1 cup Honey
1 cup chopped tomatillos
1/2 cup chopped onions
2 cloves garlic
1 bunch cilantro
4 juiced limes
2 avocados
salt and pepper

Put them all in the blender….blend and viola….Sauce for the Tempura!

A Clarification on Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School’s Policy on Kashrut

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The following appeared in the St. Louis Jewish Light in “Letters to the Editor”. 

You can visit their website at


Merged day school’s policy on kashrut

A Nov. 2 letter to the editor asserts that the new Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School has no kashrut policy. We would like to correct this misperception and explain our approach to the merger process.


When a Reform and a Conservative Day School merge, compromises must be made. For example, Saul Mirowitz Day School-Reform Jewish Academy (RJA) families cannot expect non-kosher food to be served as part of the school’s lunch program, and Solomon Schechter Day School (SSDS) families cannot expect every family to adhere to a single definition of Jewish practice. In every decision we make together, we must respect the individual family’s choices. The agreement to merge was made in the spirit of a continued commitment to acceptance of multiple definitions of Jewish practice. It is in that spirit that we will develop our understanding of one another and our traditions and strengthen our diverse St. Louis Jewish community.

Kashrut is one example of the many decisions we face, many of which have not been addressed yet. Just like so many of the other details we have yet to address, the food served at Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School will be a combination of both RJA’s and SSDS’s commitment to Jewish values, in this case the holiness of the food we consume.

Like SSDS, all food served as part of the school lunch program will be prepared in a supervised kosher kitchen. Meat and dairy will be served on different days. As at RJA, food served will be locally sourced or organic. Food will be cooked on site from scratch, using healthy ingredients and methods. Milk will be hormone free and antibiotic free. Cheese will be local and made from grass fed cow’s milk. Students will be involved in planting, tending, and harvesting some foods in an organic garden in the schoolyard. They will learn about seasonal foods, cook them in culinary class, and be able to articulate why it is Jewish to eat foods that leave a smaller carbon footprint on this earth.

Families can choose to order lunch from our kosher, healthy lunch service, Bistro Kids, or they will be able to bring their own lunch from home. Beyond that, all family choices will be honored in a dignified way…free of judgment and monitoring, and reflective of our commitment to respecting diverse family definitions of Jewish practice.

Food shared for birthday parties at Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School will be store-bought and kosher. No personal food brought into the building is to be shared, not only for reasons of kashrut, but for protection of children with a variety of allergies.

Next fall, students at Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School will tell you how eating is holy, for their school has a thoughtful, intelligent and inclusive kashrut policy that embraces both Jewish tradition and modern Jewish practice. As we work to create the policies that will govern the Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School, this is our approach to each issue or question we face. Our goal is to bring together the rich traditions of both schools for the benefit of our children and our community.

Transition Committee for the Merged Schools: Marc Blustone, Margie Hartman, Galia Movitz, Milton Movitz, Michael Rubin, Alan Spector and

Bruce Waxman

Cheryl Maayan, Head of School, RJA

Bill Rowe, Interim Head of School, SSDS

Pizza a Vegetable? Uh uh! Not at THIS school!

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Here’s some news that won’t surprise you: a growing body needs fruits and vegetables. (So does a full grown body, but right now we’re thinking of the little people you send to us every day.) And because we want only the very best for your children, we serve fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables with every meal.

That’s also why our jaws dropped this week when we heard that the US government official declared a slice of pizza counts as a vegetable on school lunches! It’s true. A mere two tablespoons of pizza sauce counts as a full-fledged vegetable. The ruling came as part of a cost-savings strategy on the annual spending bill, and overhauled proposed changes meant to reduce childhood obesity by adding more fruits and green vegetables to lunch menus.  (Ironically, the tomato is actually a fruit!) Read the story in the New York Times.

This month, your children are filling their trays with lots and lots of broccoli. It’s Broccoli Month…and each week, Bistro Kids has introduced new foods with broccoli. Chef Monica has opened their minds (and their mouths) to all kinds of broccoli dishes: steamed broccoli, broccoli salad, baked potatoes with broccoli, broccoli cheese soup and others. By the time we made broccoli bundles in culinary class, even students who claim to be “ALLERGIC!” to all green veggies had found a new love and respect for broccoli.

Don’t believe us? Try it at home! Here’s the recipe for Broccoli Bundles, the recipe they made in culinary class.

Cut 1/12 square of Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry

fill with:
desired amount of steamed broccoli
chopped shredded mild cheddar cheese

fold each corner toward the center and pinch ends together or pinch together in any shape desired.

Whisk together 1 egg and 3T of water. Brush pastry lightly with egg mixture.

Bake 15 min at 400 degrees.


You Can Be A Civil War Era Chef

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by Tamar L. – student at  The Saul Mirowitz Day School

Well, you may be surprised to know that the North won the Civil War…and not just the real one that was fought 150 years ago. The fifth graders experienced their own civil war…though it was a rather friendly one with dice to roll instead of guns to shoot.

Thursday, with the help of Chef Monica, we made hard tack and cornmeal mush. Do you know what that is? That’s the food the soldiers ate during the war. Both are really bland, but we enjoyed them anyway.

  • Here’s the recipe for hardtack.
  • get a pile of whole grain flour
  • add some water to make it gooey but not soaked
  • add  a bit of Crisco to stick it all together
  • then bake it until it looks done.

Are you wondering why I didn’t give you exact measurements? Well, the soldiers did not exactly have measuring cups in their knapsacks!

  • Here’s the recipe for cornmeal mush:
  • Get a bowl of boiling water.
  •  Half the bowl is a good amount.
    Then add cornmeal until it starts to get sort of thick, kind of like scrambled eggs.
  •  Mix and mix until it gets even thicker. Then enjoy!

Now you are a Civil War era chef just like we are!

Great article Tamar!  We love reading your article at Bistro kids!

How does your Garden grow?

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About 10 years ago, our custodians threw away 4 or 5 large bags of trash each lunch period. Today, our students barely fill one! What has changed? For one thing, we traded in paper plates and plastic forks for washable trays and silverware. Where multiple trashcans used to stand is a center for recycling. Your children compost their scraps for the school garden.
And look how our garden has grown! The process of planting, tending and harvesting not only creates a culture of healthy eating, but helps children understand the value of choosing locally grown produce.

This week, Chef Monica sent second graders on a hunt for treasures in the garden. They found okra, banana peppers, green peppers, lemon cucumbers, tomatoes, gourds…and even sunflowers ready to shed their seeds for the salad bar.

RJA students are well-aware that the veggies grown at school are better for the environment.They learn early to be diligent in their stewardship of the earth, and they take that responsibility seriously. Our message to our students is always the same: you don’t have to be a grownup to participate in the repair of the earth.