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Meet Max Littlejohn

Posted in St. Teresas Academy with tags , , , , , , on August 20, 2012 by bistrokids

Hi my name is Maxwell Littlejohn and I have always said, “People eat
to live, I live to eat!” Besides having a strong passion for food
there is one main reason as to why I cook… I feel that food brings
people together more than anything. My favorite, is to see people come
together and simply enjoy the company surrounding them and get lost in
the journey of a fantastic meal. I try to use my skills I have learned
and continue to develop to make people happy. I seek to teach everyone
about new ways to eat healthier foods and show them the maximum
potential any food has to taste extraordinary. Food is one of the most
important things in the world, and I believe that the experience one
can gain from eating is a valued treasure. With that being said, eat,
drink, and be happy!

St. Teresa’s Academy is the newest member of the Bistro kids schools.  To see more about the school visit their website at