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Bistro Kids: Bringing healthy, local food to school lunches

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An interview with Bistro Kids founder Kiersten Firquain


Bistro kidsWhen she saw the “convenient junk food” her son, Kiersten Firquain did more than start packing a bag for him. She launched a whole farm-to-school program called Bistro Kids to revamp how students eat, including menus that focus on fresh, local foods; visits from farmers; cooking lessons and school gardens. It serves 5,000 meals a day in Kansas City and St. Louis area schools and 6,000 snacks a day in YMCA after-school programs.

“I remember when the lunch ladies made everything from scratch, and my goal is to get that back,” she said in a recent interview with The Hartman Group.

She’s not alone. Choicelunch, Revolution Foods and a host of other programs are working to improve school lunches and, in the process, people’s health and lives.

They are working to undo the repercussions of a generation of children brought up during a revolution in food culture. Children today are raised both at home and in public schools to be mindful of the ingredients in foods, differences between food types (e.g., organic vs. conventional, fresh and local) and the benefits of diet and exercise.

Bistro Kids has been so successful that some children from the program, which started in 2006, have gone on to culinary school and come back to work as chefs for the program. In 2011, Bistro Kids was bought by Treat America, an acquisition that means additional resources and talent.


Prison food vs. school lunches: any difference?

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School lunch is a lot like prison food, only worse. An infographic created by Good Magazine comparing
the average detention grub with the average elementary school fare shows a very similar tray breakdown.

Both offer a calorie count of around 1400, and both cost little more
than $2.60 per person per day. The big difference, according to their research,
sourced from national statistics, is that prisoners get a little more bang for
the buck.

The average prison meal and the average elementary school
lunch both consist of one bread item, one starch item and one beverage. But kids get an ounce less meat and they’re usually
skimped on either veggies or fruits. Overall prisoners have more options and a
little more heft to their meal.

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Generation XL: Nutrition Across the School Day airs this Thursday at 8pm on KCPT

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Generation XL: Nutrition Across the School Day

America’s schools serve 15 million free lunches and 3 million reduced price lunches. Some students might eat up to ten meals at school each week, and for many students, school breakfast and lunch are the only meals they eat in a day.

When students are properly nourished, they perform better academically, miss fewer days of school and are better behaved. On the next episode of Generation XL, KCPT talks to caregivers, educators, cafeteria staff and administrators about the pivotal role they play in advocating for healthier food served at schools.

Watch Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 8pm and 10:30pm.

America’s Best School Lunches

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Our schools will be on this list in the future!

She ate 162 school lunches – and blogged it.

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This is a great story about Mrs. Q. who decided to eat school lunches, survive and then blog about her experience.  Click below to read the article on CNN: